The Eagle Scout

Established in 1911 as the highest rank in Boy Scouting, a young boy must complete rank requirements in subjects such as camping, cooking, First Aid, survival, citizenship and service, as well as elective topic sets called Merit Badges ranging from technical skills to creative arts to professional preparedness. After completing these prerequisites of eligibility, a candidate must then plan and manage a project offering substantial value to the community, often including hundreds of man-hours between the Eagle candidate and his volunteers. A Scoutmaster Conference then assesses the candidate's skills in a comprehensive review meeting, which is followed by a Board of Review to assess the candidates character. Only after completing these requirements and passing the approval of the Board of Review will a candidate submit his application to national council for final review and award. Only 5% of all Boy Scouts attain the rank of Eagle Scout before the cutoff at their 18th birthday.

The Eagle Scout
I reaffirm my allegiance
To the three Promises of the Scout Oath.
I thoughtfully recognize
And take upon myself
The obligations and responsibilities
Of an Eagle Scout.
On my honor I will do my best
To make my training and example,
My rank and my influence
Count strongly for better Scouting
And for better citizenship
In my troop,
In my community,
And in my contacts with other people.
To this I pledge my sacred honor
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